Why Concrete Coatings Fail

Why Concrete Coatings Fail

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Garage floors are probably are one of the most abused surfaces in most homes. To easily keep the floor clean, and maintain the integrity of your concrete floor, it can be benificial to apply a coating to the surface. A coating such as epoxy flooring is stronger and more durable than traditional concrete sealers. The most popular coating systems use epoxies, urethanes, and/or polyaspartic sealers. These products can be difficult to apply and should be installed by professional and certified contractors.

When submitting proposals for garage or industrial floors I often get asked about the durability of these systems. Many people have seen garage floors covered with an epoxy type flooring look terrible in a few short years. Below are the three main reasons why these coating systems have failed.


Garage Floor in a Box – From a Box Store

Lowes and Home Depot have all kinds of great products but the one thing you shouldn’t buy there is a floor coating. The coatings sold in these stores are made to make application as easy as possible. To make application easy, the solids content (which is what provides protection), is minimal. Most of these floor coatings are nothing more than a strong paint.


Inadequate Surface Preparation

Floors being prepared to receive a coating should NOT be acid etched. This is a popular method because it requires nothing more than some muriatic acid and a stiff broom. This process introduces water to the surface and also needs to be properly neutralized. When the coating does not properly bond to the substrate it is easily peeled up by any kind of abrasion. The correct way to properly prepare a floor for a coating is by mechanical abrasion from shot blasting or grinding.


Moisture in the Concrete Slab

Coatings will block moisture coming up through a concrete slab. This pressure can be strong enough to peel even the best of coating systems. This can be limited by installing an adequate vapor barrier before the concrete is poured or a moisture blocking/limiting sealer prior to a coating system. The concrete should always be tested for moisture prior to application. My company uses Rapid RH sensors to get fast and accurate results.

Coatings for garage floors will range in cost between $4.50 – $10.00 sq. ft. depending on sq. footage, concrete condition, and products used.


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