Strong & Durable Garage Floor

Strong & Durable Garage Floor

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If you want to keep your garage looking good you probably spend some in the spring cleaning things out. You organize everything on the walls and pick up all the things that have collected on the floor throughout the winter. The floor might get swept or even a quick pressure washing; but by next week, after you spent all that time trying to clean out the garage, the floor looks the same. The same tire marks, the same oil stain, spots from road salt, and even some rust from your snow shovel.

Our last customer had a similar situation. He knew he wanted to protect his garage floor, have a surface that could easily be cleaned off with a garden hose, and provide increased slip resistance for those rainy and snowy days. When I received the call he had already purchased a garage floor kit from a local hardware store. He wanted a durable floor but had seen many other garages done with these kits that looked terrible. After discussing the options for the floor we decided to move forward with our Quartz Concrete Coating. This system involved grinding the concrete surface, repairing the cracks, a moisture-blocking primer, a 100% solids epoxy resin with colored quartz sand, and a polyaspartic topcoat. Quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth,  when broadcast into a flooring system creates one of the most abrasion resistant surfaces available. The polyaspartic topcoat we used provides UV protection and  a fast cure time; so the floor can be drove on the next day.

Below you can before and after pictures of this floor.

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