Stained Concrete Floors

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Stained concrete floors are becoming vastly popular for homes and businesses alike. Ordinary concrete floors that used to be covered by other flooring materials are now being stained to produce variegated coloring effects that mimic polished marble, tanned leather, or natural stone. Stained concrete floors are a low maintenance alternative to other flooring materials and have the design benefits that are unparalleled to any other surface treatment. Stained concrete floors can incorporate: cut patterns, borders, multiple colors and a variety of other techniques to create a unique design aspect.

The stain applied to concrete works differently with every concrete surface. No two concrete floors will create an identical color or pattern. This variability is what gives stained concrete its widespread appeal.

Almost all concrete surfaces can be stained. Conditions such as sealers, mastic, and glues inhibit stain performance and must be removed before the staining process begins. Since concrete stains are translucent they will not hide surface blemishes such as cracks, patch compounds, or other surface flaws. Some of these blemishes such as cracks can add to the overall effect of concrete stains as well as enhance the floors stain design. If a floor is in severe need of patch work or crack repair, a thin cement based topping can be applied to the surface to create a fresh canvas for the stains.

The cost for stained concrete can vary depending on: the complexity of the project; structure of the design; condition of the concrete; and the expanse of necessary preparation work. Stained concrete floor prices can start at $3-$4 per square foot for a floor which entails minimal preparation, one coat of stain, and one coat of sealer. Floors priced at $15 per square foot include: intricate engraved designs; multiple colors; thin overlays; sandblasting; and/or other advanced decorative effects.  Prices for flooring are developed based on labor and materials needed to complete the design to your standards.

The benefits of stained concrete floors include a surface that is easily maintained, resistant to mold and water damage and preventative to dust mites or allergens. When deciding to use stained concrete floors, their longevity and replacement costs should be compared against other flooring materials; as concrete floors are economically affordable when considering their sustainability. Proper maintenance of concrete floors will ensure appealing aesthetics and structural stability for decades.

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