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It’s not always the big projects that have the most impact on a space. We just finished up a small front porch and back patio for a client in Fort Wayne and the work we completed made the homeowner very happy and  added a touch of elegance to the front door. When I was contacted about this job the homeowner informed me he wanted something to dress up the small front porch. The home already had a leaded glass front door and side light windows but needed something done to the bare concrete porch.  The front concrete was in  good shape with no cracks or pitting so we decided it would be more affordable to stain the existing concrete and cut a diamond pattern into the surface. Before we ever made the first cut the client was emailed three computer modeled 3-D designs that would show how the porch would look after being cut (pictured below).  The porch has made a huge impact on the entryway and our client was very happy with the elegance that this added to the front of the home. The back patio was also stained with a cordovan leather color and sealed to bring out rich and organic colors from the concrete.

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