Outdoor Stained Concrete

Outdoor Stained Concrete

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This outdoor concrete stain project had me very excited as it was for my mother and father-in-law. Five years ago, when I started my business, family were the first to receive enhanced concrete surfaces. Now I had the chance to show them the improvements in my knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship that my employees and I put into every project (My mom reads this blog, so I think she may be next!).

The initial thought was to stamp the concrete to mimic slate or another stone. After explaining to my father-in-law that his snowblower could damage a stamped concrete surface, it was decided that another solution must be found. The solution was to have the concrete contractor pour the concrete, add some extra details, then use a stain to enhance those details. The extra details included a rough trowel finish, grooved control joints, 3’’ grooved edge, and impressing natural leafs into the surface –leaving fossilized impressions. Once the concrete had been poured and cured with these additional details, my crew and I completed the job by using reactive concrete stains and high-solids outdoor concrete sealers. The stain color looks great with this Craftsman style home. The colors and textures of the wood beams and concrete create one of my favorite looks.

Permanent Coloring of Concrete

Staining your concrete with a reactive concrete stain is a permanent solution to add color into your concrete. These stains contain metallic salts that when introduced to a cement surface, (such as a sidewalk, driveway, or porch) react with the free lime in the concrete to create permanent coloring in the surface. This color cannot be peeled off and most colors are UV stable. Once the stain has been applied, let to sit and washed, the surface is sealed. The sealer adds color depth and provides protection to the exposed concrete. With the yearly temperature and weather changes in the Fort Wayne area it is best to apply a sealer every 2-3 years.

Where to Buy Concrete Stains

Reactive concrete stains (also call acid stains) are typically only used by professional installers. The concrete stains available in Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards are Acrylic Concrete Stains. These products are sold as “stains” but they work very similar to paint. The best professionals will shy away from these products as they are known to chip, peel, flake, and fail in a short-time period. DIY projects are great but this type of project is best left to an experienced installer.

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