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Fort Wayne and the surrounding area just received rain and thunderstorms for the last 2 weeks. Our area was fortunate to not have any major damages but there could be hidden damage to your home that you are unaware of. It’s that room that you have dreams of finishing to add additional living space to your home, the room where you send the kids to play, or the room where the men get sent to watch football on Sunday. The room is your basement and it’s covered with carpet.

If you are looking to trap mold and like your basement to smell musty, then install some carpet and just wait….. At first glance it seems like the good choice; it’s cheap, last 5-10 years, and you think you can install it yourself (maybe not), but carpet may be the worst option for your basement floor. When the soil surrounding your home becomes very wet, moisture can enter your basement through cracks in the walls or flaws in the water protection layer of your foundation. Water can also enter your basement by hydrostatic pressure that will cause water to be pulled up through the floor. Even if your basement does not get enough water to have visible flooding, high levels of moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow under your carpet or cause glues and adhesives used in other hard surface flooring to fail.

One of the best flooring options for basement floors is without a doubt a finished concrete floor. Although the initial cost of concrete floors can surpass cheaper flooring alternatives such as carpet, vinyl, and linoleum, the long-term value far exceeds these materials. With concrete you do not have to worry about mold, mildew or the floor being damaged by occasional water presence.  Staining your basement floor concrete is a great way to have a floor will last the life of your home. The concrete stains and sealers used by my company are manufactured and installed to last the life of your home with minimal maintenance and worries.

So, the next time it rains don’t worry about reading through your home insurance to see if they will cover damages. Be assured, if you have a floor installed by Nick Dancer Concrete, when water enters your basement, all it will take is a quick wipe with a mop to make the floor look brand new again. Contact with questions about your basement flooring projects.

The pictures below are of a stained concrete project we just finished in Lima, OH. The floor previously had carpet, but when the basement flooded early this spring the homeowners knew they wanted a flooring option that would not be damaged from another water intrusion. The landing was full of cracks but was easily repaired and covered with a thin cement overlay to hide all the imperfections. The project is still to receive some minor drywall and trim work.

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