Moves Like Jagger

Moves Like Jagger

Written by nick

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Google. It’s where I go to for answers to any question and it’s also the place most homeowners will first ask a question about completing stained concrete floors, or to find the appropriate contractor. From a simple internet search the homeowner for this project not only found my company to complete the work, but they also found a picture depicting their choice of finished floor. The picture depicted a concrete floor installed in a kitchen  that looks 3-D. The floor was filled with random “faux” cracking of the concrete and highlighted by a black border. They wanted something similar to that with a couple of modifications and artistic touches by me. After a sample approval we were good to start working on the project.

This homes challenge involved a 3’’ deep trench around the entire perimeter, weak spots of concrete, an un-level surface, and very thick coats of paint on the floor. Our first two days on the job included shot-blasting, grinding, sanding and every other removal technique to make sure the floor was removed of all contaminants and debris (all machines were hooked up to a HEPA concrete vacuum, to eliminate dust).

Once the surface was properly prepared we applied our smooth overlay system which gave this floor a brand-new white canvas for our stains and dyes. To make the pattern we…um…Well I can’t actually tell you that. But our new pattern is called “Moves Like Jagger”, based on the same title Maroon 5 song that was on my mind and hummed during this application. This was the first modification to the  space and will make a large positive impact on the entire finished basement.

You can do an internet search for stained concrete floors in Fort Wayne but I will save you a minute.Just click here.

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