Lions, Tigers, and Porches..OH MY!

Lions, Tigers, and Porches..OH MY!

Written by nick

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This last project had a great positive impact on the whole house. The concrete porch we were working on was large and design of the home made this a focal point of the front of the home. The home was beautiful with a touch of classical elegance, but it looked similar to the other homes in the neighborhood.  The home needed something and we had the cure.  The homeowners and I decided that a standard concrete stain may not make the impact and the change we were looking for.  I drew out some diamonds, large 36’’ tile patterns, and many others but it came down that a 6’’ border would provide the aesthetics we were looking for. A cut was placed into the concrete surface to create the 6’’ border and then the border was stained with a strong concentration of Kona Brown acid stain to provide the deep color. The center or main area of the porch was then stained with a lower concentration of the stain to provide the same color but with a much lighter hue. The project was then sealed with two coats of outdoor concrete sealer to enhance the color and provide protection form the elements.

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Below is a short story I wrote about door to door salesmen seeing this stained concrete porch for the first time. No one wants a salesman to come up to their door but this person probably spends more time on concrete porches than anyone else.  It’s a little goofy to write about stained concrete in this way, but when I woke up this morning I just wrote it. So call it goofy or weird but seeing a completed stained concrete porch will catch your attention.

A Story of Concrete – A daily memoir of door to door salesmen

I never notice the porch.  My feet hit the driveway and in a quick movement, and in conjunction with my left hand, I lift out of my seat.  Standing proud I take the last sip of my morning Red bull and throw it onto the passenger floor where yesterdays can still sits. My feet move in sort of a swagger that conveys confidence but also the soreness from yesterday’s 3 mile run. A short winding sidewalk and one small step bring me to the front door. This is where I wait, as I always do, hoping in one way that someone is home and in another that they don’t answer. Sales have been gradually decreasing for the last 2 weeks and another home that does not answer is just building towards my excuse that I was placed in a rotten section of town.  My eyes wander around the neighbor as I catch a glance of the neighbor mowing his yard, and a young mother pushing a stroller. But I never look down, I never look down to the gray concrete porch that sits there;  not wanting anything from me;  not gleaming for attention or doing anything. The porch is just large enough to sit a small wicker chair and embroidered mat that says “Welcome”. I know what “Welcome” feels like. Welcome is usually hearing things like, “We are not interested” or “Get Off my property”.  The door is answered though and after a small introduction I am invited in. I walk in and that’s it. I never notice the concrete porch. The whole moment will be forgotten by the time I leave. That same concrete porch is cloned in the whole neighborhood; changes in size and shape but all the same; always forgotten and never brining me in for anything else.

 My hands glide over the worn leather part of my steering wheel as I turn into another driveway. I hold my breath for a quick second, hoping the driveway is not steep enough to scrape the front bumper on my car. I noticed something different from the road, something that made this house a little different than the rest.  I exit my car and make my way to the door just like I have done over and over again all morning. But as I turn the corner it catches me. My eyes have no choice but to lurk upon the 10’’ colored horizontal side of this colored concrete. As I approach closer the 6’’ deep colored border can be seen outlining a concrete porch that feels alive. The color is not opaque like paint; it does not cover the concrete, but seems to be embodied in this structural mass not wanting to leave but to be together. The front of the house is unlike any others I have been on today. So much more color, so much more energy. I ring the doorbell but my eyes do not dart across the street or away from the home. Other items begin to catch my attention. My eyes are pulling in colors from the columns, the brick, and style of the front door, the landscape. It’s comfortable I feel at ease and I have a desire to know what this is, is this colored concrete, stained concrete, or even concrete at all? The door answers but instead of going in I suggest sitting outside; because this is different, the sun seems to be shinning just right ,and a newness and excitement have brought a new tone and  attitude towards the day.

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