Keep Your Garage Floor Safe

Keep Your Garage Floor Safe

Written by nick

Topics: Concrete Coatings

Garage Floors can be very slippery and a potential hazard when wet. One of our projects this week was to make sure a garage floor in Decatur, Indiana was not a potential slip hazard any longer. This particular garage is used as a walk-through between an outdoor pool and the kitchen inside the house. As people get out of the pool with wet feet and head towards the house, they must pass through the garage which previously was a danger zone for slips and falls. The homeowner stated that twice last year he had lost his balance on the slippery surface and took a hard tumble. Even if you don’t have a pool, garage floors can be slippery during rainy or snowy days.

To limit the potential for additional accidents we cleaned and sealed this garage floor. The sealer that was used on this floor contains small particles of an anti-slip additive. This additive along with the sealer provides a durable, abrasion resistant surface that has great traction even under standing water. The small investment of sealing the garage floor limits liabilities from slips and protects the concrete. You can expect this type of sealer to last 2-5 years before recoating.

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