It’s Always The Simple Things

Written by nick

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Today I worked out with a mouth guard. This is perfectly normal if you are taking part in a contact sport but I was lifting weights. I got the idea from Men’s Health and The John Tesh Radio Show (I know, I know, it is super geeky that I listed to John Tesh).  They both stated that using a mouth guard could increase the amount of weight and/or reps that could be lifted. By safely being able to clench your teeth you can actually lift more. I always like to try new things, so I grabbed my mouth piece from my boxing gear and gave it a try. I did the exact same workout from the previous week and then totaled the results. I increased my reps by 9%. I don’t think pre-workout drinks can even give you a 9% increase and I got it from a simple $8 mouth guard. The results from my workout had me thinking  how simple things can make a big impact in a business. There is so much available information on how to run a business; whether it is coming from books, conversations with friends, the internet or the class room. Everyone has their own opinion on how to run a successful business and what is takes “to make it”. While running my business it has always been the simple things that have had the greatest impact. So when trying to implement change or growth, it may be the small things that have can help the most.

What small/simple thing have you implemented that had a big impact in your business or life?

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