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The very first Mexican restaurant, Cabo, just opened in my hometown of Delphos, OH.  In order to enjoy a nice sitdown Mexican style meal, you previously had to travel to nearby towns 20-30 minutes away or settle for TexMex from the local Taco Bell.  The owners who opened this local gem didn’t need to spend big bucks on advertising.  In a town of 7,000 the advertising took care of itself.

The restaurants first day business was on Friday, February 27th at 11:00 am. Although I live an hour away in Fort Wayne, by 1:00 pm I had already heard great things about the food, the margaritas, the owners, and the atmosphere. My Facebook news feed was covered with the news of Cabo’s grand opening.   People were already talking about their dinner plans at Cabo for that night, drooling over what they had at the restaurant for lunch, asking for recommendations on what to order, and begging for Cabo’s phone number (A friend of mine was even nice enough to post the phone number).

By 9:00 pm I had already talked with two people who had been to the restaurant and gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Throughout the weekend more information flooded Facebook.  I can only guess that the restaurant has had its work cut out for it, and that the turnout was better than they could have hoped for.  It is crazy how fast the word was spread about this place.   The restaurant was not only commended on excellent service and food within one day, but also quickly recommended to friends and family.

It was excellent and exciting to see how Facebook can be used in a way to bring together a community, embrace a new business, and to share experiences. This is a lesson for business owners everywhere.  Like Cabo, you do not need to launch a marketing campaign or pay for high dollar ads, simply open your doors and offer the best service possible and the marketing might take care of itself.

Cabo Mexican Resturat

Delphos, OH


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