Getting an Early Start

Getting an Early Start

Written by nick

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When concrete is covered by carpet it is always a surprise to find out what the condition of the underlying concrete may be. Our most recent project for Common Ground Church in Decatur, Indiana was no different. My company, Dancer Concrete Design, is providing Common Ground with a polished concrete floor. After being tired of the high maintenance cost associated with their carpet they decided polished concrete floors would provide the aesthetics and the ease of maintenance needed for the other changes in the church. These other changes include new painted walls, a coffee bar, and updated children’s center.

The project was scheduled to start Monday but we got started removing the carpet glue last week and the grinding process on Saturday.  By starting a little early we were able to get an idea on how hard and level the concrete is.  To properly polish concrete it requires many sub-sequential passes with progressively smaller and smaller embedded diamond tooling. At Common Ground we will be starting with a 30 grit metal-bond pass, which will expose the aggregate, and finish with an 800 girt pass. At the 800 grit level you will be able to see the reflection of the above light in the surface.   The floor will also be treated with a lithium silicate densifier and penetrating guard project. These procedures will harden/densify the floor and provide protection from stains.

Below you can see some pictures of the guys hard at work this Saturday.

Nick Dancer

Dancer Concrete Design – Fort Wayne, Indiana

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