Fresh Looking Stained Concrete

Fresh Looking Stained Concrete

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I watched one of your videos regarding a polish that needs to be applied every 12 months.  I already have stained concrete that was installed by the builder.  Can you recommend something to bring back its luster?  For the most part it’s been neglected for the past 3 years.


Michael – Memphis TN 


Thanks for the question about your stained concrete floor. The sealer that was originally applied to your floor was probably an acrylic-based type concrete sealer. Acrylics are the most popular among general builders who stain concrete floors because they are inexpensive and easy to apply. The “luster” your floor lost is probably from the sealer wearing away over the years.   3 years is a typical lifetime for an acrylic sealer.

The floor finish showed in the video was applied to a concrete floor that had a finish coat of an epoxy and a catalyzed urethane applied a month prior. When this type of flooring is protected and maintained with a floor finish it dramatically increases the lifespan of the floor. The sacrificial polish will take the blunt of the scratches, scuffs, and dirt; therefore protecting the sealer. Using a sacrificial polish is a more economical solution than to strip and reapply these types of sealers later on.

For your project I would recommend applying 2 coats of a water-based acrylic sealer and then maintaining that finish with a sacrificial polish. My favorite water-based sealer is WCS-Emulsion by Elite Crete Systems.  You can also purchase a similar type sealer from your local concrete supply store. Finding an acrylic sealer with about 40% solids is important for protection and ease of application.  Once the floor has been sealed and left to dry for 24 hours the maintenance coat or polish can be applied. This sacrificial floor finish can be purchased at a home store or your local janitorial supply store.  This system will give your floor average protection in an interior residential type setting. If you are looking for a more durable or stain-resistant finish a thin-build coating system, like an epoxy/urethane, is better suited. It is best to contact a local professional for installation of this.

Concrete preparation is the most important aspect of sealer application so make sure to read all instructions. I recommend not using and solvent type sealers that contain Xylene, MEK or other dangerous solvents in your home. These sealers can be dangerous to use indoors, contain VOC’s, and the smell can last for days.. Good luck.

The picture above is of Sherry Petersik. Check out her blog at Sherry and husband John are blogging about their home remodel. They have used stained concrete for their Sunroom floor.

Concrete Polish Application

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