Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer – Fort Wayne, Indiana

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When I first looked at this garage floor I knew we had a tough project ahead. The surface was coated in paint and the floor contained cracks throughout the surface and many areas had chips and pop-outs. To prepare this surface we used a concrete grinder with 14 grit metal blades to remove the paint and provide an open and porous surface for our primer to lock into. The coating system installed on this project used a moisture-blocking primer, 100% solids epoxies and quartz sand. The quartz sand flooring system has proven to be the best flooring option for long-term durability.

The flooring system was also installed on the exposed foundation walls and all steps. We even took care of replacing the cast iron drain covers and the rubber seals on the garage doors. This space has made a dramatic improvement over the week and I am happy to be part of this renovation.

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