Cracked Concrete on Stained Concrete Floors

Written by nick

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What to do with your cracked concrete floor?

Concrete can crack. It is the one thing that you can almost always count on.  A crack in concrete can be approached with two different options. The first approach is to leave the crack and use it as part of the design of the floor. Many people enjoy the rustic and authentic look that a small crack can provide a finished and stained floor. This approach should only be used if the crack is thin enough that it will still provide a smooth floor and does not create any type of crevice. The second approach is to repair the crack. This process involves cutting out the crack and bonding the concrete together with a super strong epoxy. The repair method does not prove an aesthetically pleasing finish so the concrete would then be covered with a microtopping. The microtopping provides the benefit of working with a whole new palette. Microtoppings can add to the cost to a stained concrete floor but in certain situations they are needed to remedy a problem. It must be known that the crack is not “moving” or the crack can reappear over time. The only way to analyze this is for a structural engineer to look at the situation. Never believe a contractor that says he can guarantee that it will not crack again.  Even though it is highly unlikely that the crack could open up again, consumers must be aware of the associated risk.



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