Concrete Floor Polishing – Fort Wayne Basement

Concrete Floor Polishing – Fort Wayne Basement

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Start of Concrete Polishing Processs

This week we are polishing a basement in a new home located in Fort Wayne. This first step in the polishing process includes grinding the surface to remove unwanted contaminants and prepare the concrete substrate for additional passes with finer and finer grits. The final look on this project will bring the floor to a beautiful sheen where you can start to see the reflection of light bulbs from the floor.

This machine is hooked up to a HEPA vacuum system that captures the finest of dust particles to make for a safe and clean polishing process.  When working in homes and especially in basements is it very important to create a safe environment for everyone involved. This process takes about 1 week and you can move your furniture into the space when done. By using a specialty edging tool we can work in most spaces where base trim may already be installed.


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