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One of the great benefits of a properly sealed concrete floor is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. Today we did a final cleaning on a project we finished in October 2011. When we left the project back in October the basement walls were nothing more than wood studs and the water was yet to be hooked up. The house has undergone many changes and the final touches are now being completed. Before leaving in October we applied a layer of Ram Board to the finished stained concrete surface so other contractors could complete their share of the work. This protection system protects the concrete floor from scratches or spills while allowing the floor to “breath” and fully cure. This morning we returned to the home as all the work was now complete and it was time to unveil the finished floor. The floor was pretty dirty when we arrived but a short time later we had it cleaned up and ready to be moved into.

This project was completed using a Taupe colored reactive concrete stain. This type of stain reacts with the free lime in the actual concrete surface and creates a permanent coloring that will not fade.  The sealer used was our high-wear urethane system that consists of an aqueous based catalyzed urethane. This sealer is very wear resistant and is a wax-free floor.  A simple mop with warm water and mild soap will keep this flooring looking good for many years. Below are snapshots taken after our cleaning.

Nick Dancer


Stained Concrete Floor completed by Dancer Concrete Design, Fort Wayne, Indiana

We are proud to have worked with General Contractor: Bob Buescher Homes, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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