Cement Overlays to Revitalize Concrete

Cement Overlays to Revitalize Concrete

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When looking at you own concrete floor you might think it has no chance of every looking great and having a finished high-end look and feel. The surface could be covered with carpet glue, or be an older concrete surface that has worn and pitted over time. When your concrete is in some less than fair cosmetic shape, but still maintains its strength and structure, it can still be finished with a thin cement overlay.

The floor has been patched from where carpet tack strips have left voids and a non-moving crack has been addressed in the center of the floor.

Our overlay system works by creating a mechanical and chemical bond to your existing concrete surface. To make sure we achieve this very strong bond it is necessary for us to prepare your concrete surface by mechanical means and remove all surface contaminations and bond breakers. Typically we complete this by grinding the surface.  When running our grinders we hook them up to a HEPA filtered vacuum system or use water to decrease airborne dust.

Jacob is applying a primer to the existing concrete. This helps increase the bond strength of the overlay to the existing concrete. He is brushing it is to make sure it gets deep into the surface.

Once the surface has been cleaned off we will fill in holes and cracks with a patch material so the overlay is applied to a smooth surface. The overlay is then applied in a 2 coat system. Both of our overlays are installed very thin so doors and other items are not affected by the application. Once the overlay has been applied we can then complete the same steps we would otherwise complete on newly placed concrete. Staining, polishing and sealing will give you a very fresh look in your space.

Applying a smooth overlay is similar to finishing standard concrete. Here we are starting to apply our 2nd coat. To get a nice finish on the surface it is necessary to apply by hand with a steel trowel.

When using cement overlay we provide a dramatic improvement to the floor. Our overlays are an affordable solution to achieve a new look on an older concrete floor.

For this project we applied a smooth finish overlay and then cut an 8’’ border into the surface. We also applied a breathable high-wear urethane that requires no waxing and provides a nice matte finish. The homeowner is also make some of her own improvements to the space by installing a glass tile base around the room and new paint.

The border is cut into the surface after the overlay is applied and then stained first. The stain will look much different when completed.


The finished floor. Room is ready for a new coat of paint and base.

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