A Passion for Concrete

A Passion for Concrete

Written by nick

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After finishing a concrete countertop for the 2012 Fort Wayne Home & Garden show I thought I was done making countertops. After 5 years I had created a great portfolio of countertops in a variety of finishes, colors, shapes, and sizes. My countertops had appeared in newspapers, trade magazines and I frequently talked to fabricators around the country on proper fabrication and finishing techniques. But during that point and time I was frustrated by the current project and the late night visits to the shop. Although I was proud of the work I had created previously, I found that completing tops was 80% of my frustrations. So then and there I made a decision to stop doing countertops, and my sole focus was completing concrete floors.

That lasted until a night in June when I received a call from a friend in Indianapolis; Gene D. Gene informed me that he had a lead for a countertop job in Fort Wayne. The client was very interested in the unique features only a custom concrete countertop could offer.  Up to this point I had turned down other countertop projects, but this project sounded very interesting. I thought I might as well meet with the client and at least see what the project all entailed. After speaking to the potential client about design options and overall look of the countertop, I was once again fired up and excited about making concrete countertops. This countertop was going to be one-of-a-kind, and I was going to be able to provide a custom surface that could only be created using a medium such as concrete.

During the fabrication of this countertop I again found that deep desire and passion for creating with concrete. Creating something with your bare hands provides a satisfaction that is hard to describe. By creating with concrete I am actually creating a product that can outlive me. Forming with a material that can be shaped and molded, and then turns hard as stone, can only be described as “Cool as Shit!” With this project finished and another countertop in the shop, I am again exited to offer custom concrete countertops.  Moving forward you can expect to see some very cool countertop from Dancer Concrete Design.

Special features of this countertop include a stainless steel heron cast into the surface (Thanks to Josh @ ConcreteCountertopSupply.com for the tips), a 54’’ wide seating area, 15’’ cantilever around the seating area, 10’ – 5’’ long main piece, countertop is 2” thick, and from the pictures below you can see this top was a very custom shape. Also, thanks to Tommy Cook of Gnomeadic Arts and ConcreteNetwork.com for sharing posts of progress of the project on Facebook.

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