What Do You Do For A Living?

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My job is pretty unique. This means I encounter unique situations, like when I am asked, “What do you do for a living?” This question is easily fulfilled when one can answer with a job many understand such as: “I am an accountant; I work in a factory; or I am a manager at XYZ.” My answer is, “I do concrete design, focusing on countertops and floors.” This usually gets me a look that resembles confusion. Most don’t understand that concrete countertops have been moving forward into the home, and they picture a cracked sidewalk or a rough concrete driveway to be used as a countertop surface.

When I was first introduced to designing with concrete I was pouring concrete basements for a local contractor and had never seen a stained concrete floor or concrete countertop. When my father-in-law mentioned designing concrete countertops, I thought he was crazy. No one in the area was doing anything like this and it seemed to be a fad on the west coast. It took the power of a picture, and to touch an actual sample, for me to understand that concrete could be used in an entirely different way than what I was used to. Being one the first to offer these products in the Fort Wayne area presents some challenges, but it also gives me a chance to educate those that want to learn more about concrete design. Concrete will never be the leader in the countertop industry and may never be fully understood by the masses, buy maybe that is why I chose a unique career and to fabricate a unique product.

So do you have a career or a job that is hard to explain or for people to understand? Use the comment section below to discuss.

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