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Last week the crew and I headed to Rochester, Indiana, to complete a stained concrete floor for a Chicago family. I was contacted about the job in April while negotiations were being made about the purchase of the home. The home overlooks Lake Manitou in Rochester and was in need of a complete renovation. The lower level floor was currently a variety of concrete poured at different times, in different types of condition and at different levels. This project was going to be one of the biggest renovations we have ever completed. The homeowners were deciding between tile and concrete for the basement floor. One of the sons who travel often has seen many stained concrete floors in his travels and really liked the way my company’s samples and past jobs looked. He reassured the family on the investment in the concrete floor and the advantages over tile such as; never cleaning/sealing grout, the customization of colors with concrete, and the lower cost.  We wanted to complete this project with as little hassle as possible to the client, so we got a key to home while they were in the city and within 4 days took this floor from an un-level, rough, dirty eyesore, to a beautiful, easy to maintain, and colorful surface. The guys worked very hard and up to 14 hours a day to make this possible. It must be the lake, because working at this project seemed to be a mini-vacation rather than actual work.

Yes, we do travel. Do you want to chat about your project? Email getconcrete@nickdancerconcrete.com.

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